The natural world holds emotions and memories. Topophilia is a photography project exploring the powerful sensations humans experience from our natural environments and inspired by the eponymous geography theory as defined by Yi-Fu Tuan. Through my photography, I capture this energy as light onto film. My photographs go beyond representational landscapes to capture the experiences left behind within the land. I also build installations that mimic the natural world in order to deepen one’s ability to connect with and experience place
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All photographs are 20x24 inch gelatin silver prints, edition of 5. Please contact Stephanie Dowda's studio for availability and prices, stephaniedowda at gmail dot com

1. All Those Who Shimmer
2. Sense of Breaking Apart
3. Sense of Awakening
4. Strange Lights
5. Sense of Deafening Silence
6. Sense of Forgetting
7. Sense of Past
8. Heart Ache
9. Sense of Horizon
10. Sense of Departure
11. Sense of Refraction
12. Sense of Levitation
13. Sense of Revenant

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